Execution of the testing machines

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Testing equipment and testing machines for mass production are subject to very stringent requirements:

On the one hand, they have always been stable and reliable to make the good / bad selection, on the other hand, they must also work according to long-term stability. This requirement is not always easy to solve. Therefore, APT would like to express his many years of experience, some recommendations:

  • Special form seals must be so designed and installed that when sealing it completely in the base material (recording sheet) can be pushed away. The test piece must touch with his adaptation area in the stressed condition on the mounting plate. "Floats" on the test part of the gasket, cylinder movement during the test can significantly influence the results negatively.
  • Molded seals or O-rings are large-scale sealing plates is preferable. Again, it can come through the "swimming" on the sealing of the specimen to incorrect measurements.
  • While (start to end) of the examination may take place in the testing system no more movements. Each of these movements, especially directly on the test part, can also lead to incorrect measurements.
  • Especially with large sealing surfaces, smaller movements of the sealing elements of the inspection or recognized as a significant measurement errors
  • Not to be underestimated is the reaction force, which occurs when the test pressure is injected into the test volume. This can also lead to the test object is lifted shortly. Incorrect measurements are the result.
  • All sealing elements or surfaces must be clean. Dirt residues (oil, chips, etc.) inevitably lead to damage or leaks.

Generally speaking, that an appropriate testing system before starting the actual inspection task all movements must have completed. The machine must be running so stiff that can be brought about by any influence on the test. If necessary, the test piece must be clamped.

During operation the system must be checked regularly for changes and damage. This makes a leak free master piece a very good service.