Intelligent Temperature-Compensation-Box

The TK box is laid out for connecting to the leak test system PMD02. Moreover the PMD02 must be equipped with the option "Temperature compensation". Then the TK box gets the supply from the PMD02 and delivers an analogous measuring signal for the evaluation. The complete evaluation and compensation takes place in the PMD02.

The TK box has two (optional three) thermocouples connections. By means of this, e.g., the test part temperature and the ambient temperature can be grasped. In the TK-Box can be defined how the input temperatures are processed to the analog output signal.

With the option "test piece sensor change-over" a PMD02 with a suitable change-over can be operated in two test engine. Requirement for this is that these do not stand very far distant.

The necessary thermo sensors (environment temperature sensor and test piece temperature sensor with springy sensor element) also belong to the TK kit.

To the TK-KIT includes the necessary thermal sensors. A cable break, e.g., is signalled by a suitable error message. In addition PMD02 is generated in an error message.



General data   
Housing Plastic
Measuring computer Fast mini controller
Protect kind IP65 
Digital inputs  6 x 24V DC, via optoelectronic coupler
Digital outputs  6 x 24V DC/0,5A  relais contacts
Analogous inputs 2 x Thermoelement Typ K (Optional 4x)
Analogous outputs 1 x 4..20mA (Optional 2x)
Programming By means of buttons up/down selection of the base function
Other functions
  • LC display
  • Error messages and signal to the PMD02 by broken cable
  • Switchable between two test piece sensors (option)
Power supply  from the PMD02 (24 V DC) by means of special cable connection

The following features are included:

  • Cable monitoring of the sensors with an error message
  • Cable monitoring of the sensors with an error message 
  • Adjustable output
    • Output = input T1 minus T2 input
    • Output = input T2 minus T1 input
    • Output = input T1
    • Output = input T2
  • Show the input temperatures
  • Show the output temperatures
  • Optional second input for part-temperature
  • Optional second output for PMD02 
  • Optional digital input to switch between parts A and B-temperature
    (connecting two parts on one TK-Kit)
  • Optional digital input to switch between starting on PMD02 No. 1 or PMD02 No. 2 
    (Connection of one TK-KIT in two PMD02)

With the TK-Box following technical and physical relationships can be compensated during the tightness test:

  • Different warm test parts from a purification plant
  • Different temperature test pieces by example Outside storage or sunlight
  • Warm parts from a corresponding upstream production process

Limits of compensation:

  • The test pieces must be absolutely dry
  • The parts may no longer be plastically deformable by heat
  • The difference in temperature to the ambient temperature must not exceed 100 ° C

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