Automated leak test for leakage monitoring with the ATL01

Automated leak test

The automated leak test is a test method by which, for example, components are tested for their tightness against gaseous or liquid media. However, an exact localization of the individual leak point at the test item is not possible with automated methods. Rather, it can be seen that the test piece has a leak. Conclusions about the possible extent or the magnitude of the leak are also possible. Absolute density does not exist in principle; rather, it is a matter of determining the leak rate.

Automated leak test with the test leak ATL01

With our test leak ATL01 you can test your complete leakage / flow test device cyclically during production. The control can be carried out in automatic or semi-automatic operation. All necessary connections for remote control or adaptation to the pressure test line (test air conditions) between the test part and the leakage / flow tester are available. Since the data can only be processed by authorized persons using a key switch, the required sequence parameters can be stored in the ATL01 by the installer in a fail-safe manner.

Execution of the test procedure:

  • During production, a test part is determined as OK.
  • The same test part is subsequently checked again in the device. This time, however, the ATL01 is switched on.
  • In the ATL01 the leakage must be set to a value above the permissible sealing limit. The following leakage test must now have NOT OK as a result.
  • In this case, the system operates correctly. Otherwise a defect is present and the system has to be checked.

An alternative to the above-described sequence is the realization of an automatically self-monitoring test device. The advantage: The test results of the ATL01 as well as of the leakage / flow tester can be transmitted to the higher-level controller and evaluated so that usable measuring results are available. Inspection plans and protocols can also be processed. The necessary data can be read and edited via the data interface integrated in the front and a PC software.

You have questions about the method of automated leak testing with the ATL01? As a recognized manufacturer of leak detectors and leak testing devices for various application fields, we are the right contact. We have more than 20 years of experience and are happy to assist you as an expert consultant. Take advantage of our expertise and talk to us!


General data   
Housing  1/2-19", 1-3 cannels 3HE (HxWxD) 145mm x 230mm x 350mm
Measuring computer Fast microcontroller
Protective kind IP54 (Only front and top)
Digital inputs  8 x 24V DC; via optoelectronic coupler 
Digital outputs  4 x 24V DC/0,5A; via optoelectronic coupler
Data interfaces 
  • 4x serial (RS232, RS485, 20 mA), e.g., for printer, computer, PMD02, PLC
  • Serial data interface SDI, protocols 3964R, ASCII
System languages  Two system languages integrated (switchable) different available 
Programming 15 measuring programs
Other functions
  • Flowmeter mode
  • Flowsensor mode
  • Multi range capability (option)
  • Over pressure and vacuum in one device (option)
Air pressure supply

Oil-free, dry and filtered


The compressed air supply should follow for all test systems in DIN ISO8573-1, the following classification:

Particle class 2 (<= 5µm)
Water class 3 (pressure dew point -20°C)
Oil class 2 (<= 0,1mg/m3)

For pollution by liquids or solid particles in the pneumatic circuits and the resulting damage to the pneumatic components and damage the pneumatic components by applying an external pressure on the test item connection no warranty or liability is accepted. This also applies for any consequential damages in test or test parts.


Test pressure ranges  0-100kPa, 0-600kPa, 0-800kPa, 0-1000kPa, 0-(-90)kPa, 600-(-90)kPa others on request

Mass flow procedure
Measuring system 
  • Mass flow regulator from 0-25 Nccm/min to 0-1000 Nccm/min possibly (also mixed)
  • Relative pressure sensor 0-(-90kPa) to 0-1000 kPa possibly (counts to all channels) 
Analysis method  Volume flow per time, Mass flow per time, Different units adjustable 

Anew from V3.1A:

  • Resolution for pressure increased to 12 bits
  • Processing of ambient pressure and gas temperature possible

Anew from V3.0A:

  • Multi-range capability
  • Positive pressure and vacuum in one unit

Anew from V2.1A:

  • Standardized input window
  • Simple parameterization
  • Switching between volume flow and mass flow
  • Switching between controller and sensor operation
  • Reporting of graphs and results (compatible with PMD02-ANALYZE)


  • Two switchable system languages
  • Remote control in automatic mode via signal interface
  • Device data (system data and program data) transferable from and to PC
  • All control data adjustable
  • Plain text error messages


The automatic test leak ATL01 following example checks can be carried out manually and / or automatically:

  • Manual or automatic verification of leak test engines
  • Manual or automatic review of mass flow test engines 
  • Verification of leak and flow testers
  • Standard test media are compressed air and vacuum (others on request)

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