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Leak test with air

A tightness or tightness test can be used both as proof of the tightness of test specimens and for the detection of leaks on the test specimen. Especially with installed systems - such as pipes or sewers - but also cooling systems a high degree of tightness is required. Components and systems used in mass production, such as fuel tanks or pump housings, must also be particularly tight. Due to the large number of different applications, different test methods have become established. The experienced leak testing equipment manufacturer APT has extensive expertise in the various test methods and offers various technical solutions, for example for leak testing with air.

Tightness test with air: differential pressure or mass flow method

Compared with liquid, air has the advantage as a test medium that it has a lower viscosity and thus allows considerably higher test accuracy. A leak test with air can be carried out by means of differential pressure or mass flow method. In the differential pressure method, the specimen is filled with a certain pressure and compared with the pressure of a reference volume with a fixed density. Also in the mass flow method, the test piece is subjected to pressure or vacuum. The incoming and outgoing air through possible leaks is tracked via a thermal mass flow meter in order to determine the mass flow.

Our leak tester PMD02 is suitable for versatile applications

For the leak test with air, we at APT, for example, keep our leak detector PMD02 at your disposal. It impresses with a multitude of test programs and a high degree of flexibility. Various tests can be carried out manually or fully automatically with the PMD02. Possible applications include leak testing with compressed air or vacuum as a test medium, the leak testing of complete technical systems and the testing of metal parts, such as cylinder heads or complete engines. If you would like to know more about this leak tester or another solution from our portfolio, we are happy to assist you with our expertise. Contact us - we look forward to your message!