Software lizenzes

Please install the application on your system. Join please download the appropriate files:

  • License PDF file -> Your License
  • Key-File -> your key file to unlock the software

Downloads require a special account. If you do not have this, please contact the Support Center.

After downloading rename the key file and copy the key file into the appropriate directory:

For PMD02-DATA: rename to PMD02.key copy to C:\PMD02\
For PMD02-ANALYZE: rename to PMD02_res.key copy to C:\PMD02_res\
For PMF01-DATA: rename to PMF01.key copy to C:\PMF01\
For PMF01-ANALYZE: rename to PMF01_res.key copy to C:\PMF01_res\

After restarting the application, you still need to enter in the login window the serial number (SerNr). After that your software is ready for using.

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