Switch and vent boxes

This easy however effective box immediately fulfils several tasks:

  • as a change-over of a measuring channel between two test parts
  • as an external roadblock to the measuring channel and external exhausting of the test part

The change-over can occur directly from the PMD02 or from a control equipment to the process. In the case of the roadblock / exhaust it concerns very effective means of holding dirty test air (filings, emulsion, water etc.) from the test circle of the testing equipment out.

Special functions as for example slow airing after a pressure check are realizable any time.



General data   
Housing  Plastic
Protect kind IP65 
Digital inputs  2 x 24V DC / 0,5A
Other Function

According to activation

  • Change-over between test parts
  • Shutoff and venting of a test part
  • Designed as a multi-channel application
Power supply  24V DC

  • Switching from one to two test pieces PMD02/PMF01 possible
  • External venting from one test piece on one PMD02/PMF01 possible
  • Optional multi channel switching possible
  • No resistance in the test line, as the large cross sections are used
  • No self-heating, due to the use indirectly controlled valves
  • Simple adaptation (compressed air supply to control air and 24V signals)
  • Fully operational in impact-resistant plastic box


The ZEU boxes can be used for the following tasks:

  • External vent soiled test pieces
  • Switching between different test rooms
  • Protection of the tester against contamination

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