With our SQL Clients it is very comfortably possible to access the inspection results stored from the leak test and/or flow examination in a production SQL data base:

1. SQL client OFFICE

The office variant offers all conceivable selecting and assortments. Beyond that the data in histograms or statistics diagrams can be represented. All data can be exported additionally to Excel. A user administration rounds the package off. 

All in all a high performance tool to the production control.


This variant is laid out for the application at rework places. The user must register in accordance with the user administration. By means of keyboard or bar code scanner the examining data can be called. The last run of examining data is always indicated. The user can see however also the previous runs. After the work he can register pre-defined error messages and free texts into the data record.

For special requirements also special equipments can be supplied after customer's request.

1. Brochures and product information: