Products of APT

  • Technical basics
    On the pages of the theoretical foundations, see the backgrounds of the APT testing systems. Some formula are run interactively. To be able to perform appropriate calculations for your testing task.
  • Leak test with air
    APT is an expert in leak testing equipment & the various leak testing methods, e.g. with air. Let us advise you and get in touch!
  • Process Overview
    Do you have questions about the methods of leak testing & test equipment? More information about the technical basics at ➣ APT: Expert in testing technology!
  • Leaktest devices PMD02
    Leak detectors √, leak detectors √ & other test equipment in first-class quality offers APT. ➨ Detailed product information here!
  • Workshop battery test system WBT01
    APT is an expert in automated leak testing for leakage monitoring & manufactures leak testers & other testing equipment like the WBT01. ➨ Get advice now!
  • Massflow devices PMF01
    The PMF01 flow tester from ➨ APT easily solves multichannel test tasks √ and enables convenient analysis √. ➨ More information!
  • Automatic Test Leak ATL01
    By using the ATL01 it is possible to be monitored automatically test leaks in leaktest and mass flow engines. This is also possible with systems where no APT testing is installed.
  • Automatic Test Leak ATL02
    As the successor to the ATL01, we now offer a new test leak with state-of-the-art technology. The simple operation and the graphic touch display significantly simplify installation and use.
  • Intelligent TK-Box
    The TK-Box can control leak test with the leak detector PMD02 effective against temperature influences against. At the right processing the current room temperature and the part temperature is detected.
  • Intelligent data box
    These data display box is used to display on an external display robust inspection results of multiple measurements. This is particularly advantageous in cases where a device several inspection tasks to be done sequentially.
  • Shift and vent boxes
    By means of the switch boxes may e.g. a leak tester can be switched to several tasting rooms. The external Entlüftungsbox is very effective in protecting the equipment from contamination from the test pieces.
  • Universal Control Boxes
    With the unsiversal control boxes our devices series PMD02 and PMF01 can be controlled remotely comfortable with simple means.
  • Automatic valve boxes
    The integrated into the automatic valve boxes CPU allows the valve control and the control of our equipment from the series PMD02 and PMF01. This can be realized small simple test stations.
  • Leakage calibrator LK3P
    APT: our manual leakage calibrator controls your testing task for accuracy & ensures precise measurement results. => Learn more now!
  • Configuration software
    The parameterization software PMD02-DATA and PMF01-DATA allows you to back up all relevant data of the devices on a computer or load it back into the devices.
  • Analysis software
    With the analysis software PMD02-ANALYZE or PMF01-ANALYZE examiners measurment results of devices can be recorded and evaluated comfortably. To this end, various tools are integrated in the software.
  • SQL client software
    The SQL client software is used to display the recorded data in SQL servers of a tightness test or flow test for further analysis or statistical issue.
  • Data logger software
    With this small server application that test a PMD02 or PMF01 can be stored on a computer in a local database. There is no need to SQL Server.
  • Other Accessories
    With various accessories the testing problem can be usefully supplemented and monitored.


The compressed air supply should follow for all test systems in DIN ISO8573-1, the following classification:

Particle class 2 (<= 5µm)
Water class 3 (pressure dew point -20°C)
Oil class 2 (<= 0,1mg/m3)

For pollution by liquids or solid particles in the pneumatic circuits and the resulting damage to the pneumatic components and damage the pneumatic components by applying an external pressure on the test item connection no warranty or liability is accepted. This also applies for any consequential damages in test or test parts.