Leak Detector - Series PMD02

As a renowned leak test equipment manufacturer, APT is the perfect contact for leak testing and leakage detection. The German company offers its customers various systems for leak testing with air and other technical Solutions. The PMD02 series of leakage testers has been used more than 1000 times worldwide and has established itself as a leak detection device in industrial testing technology. Especially the high flexibility and the robustness in combination with an uncomplicated usability have contributed to the success of the leak detector.

Leakage tester for compressed air leakage detection

The PMD02 is suitable for testing the tightness of hollow bodies, such as motors, pumps or transmissions. The variety of test programs, up to 100 different, not only ensures a high degree of flexibility, but also allows you to tailor the leak test tester individually to your specific test Tasks. Whether small or large test volumes, the various options allow a precise and fast execution of all test tasks for vacuum seams with up to 10 bar overpressure. In addition, it is possible to use three test channels simultaneously, depending on the design stage.

The following procedures and specifications are available:

  • One to four autonomous test channels (does not apply to the Lite versions
  • Overpressure 100 kPa, 600 kPa, 800 kPa, 1000 kPa, 1600 kPa and negative pressure (-> test air conditions)
  • Relative pressure technique, differential pressure technique, mass flow overflow technique (various measuring ranges and resolutions)
    Compression testing technology, Continuity testing technology (-> procedures)
  • Remote controllable via signal interface (standard), SDI telegrams (-> more info) , ProfiNet und ProfiBus/Interbus (Options)
  • LC graphic display and foil front with status lamps, control buttons and key switch for operation
  • 100 test programs can be stored in the device
  • Interfaces: two serial data interfaces RS232 for data communication, optional two USB interfaces (NEW), optional one ProfiNet interface (NEW), optional one ProfiBus interface (NEW)
  • Optional temperature compensation in difficult environmental conditions (-> more info)
  • Comfortable parameterization via SDI telegrams and the software PMD02-DATA
  • Comfortable analysis of test tasks by means of the software for leak test devices (PMD02-ANALYZE)

Leakage tester for pressure difference and mass flow processes

Leak testers of the PMD02 series can be used for the differential pressure as well as the mass flow process or a combination of both methods. During the leak test by means of pressure difference measuring methods, the test sample is subjected to pressure or vacuum. If the pressure measured and evaluated in the test specimen changes, leaks are present. This method enables an automated test sequence for the air tightness test. The measurement resolution is - as opposed to the relative pressure method - as a rule independent of the test pressure. The disadvantage, however, is that thermal and elastic changes to the test piece can falsify the measuring result. In the mass flow process, pressure or vacuum is also applied. In order to determine the mass flow, the air entering and exiting through possible leakages is tracked via a thermal mass flowmeter. Although the sensor system is somewhat sensitive, it allows a very fast test due to the delay-free measuring Signal. We will be happy to help you select the right test technology and determine the optimal cost-benefit strategy for your application. See for yourself!

Suitable accessories for your leak detector

With us, you also get useful accessories for your test equipment, which can be used to further increase functionality. Including, for example, the LK3P leakage calibrator, a universal flow-through calibrator for setting up and checking, and software packages to record, manage and evaluate the test results on the PC, as well as many other accessory components. Do you have any questions on the PMD02 leakage tester or our flow tester? We support you with specific know-how and comprehensive expertise in leak testing. Contact us and profit from a competent consultation!

General data   

19" / 3HE, (HxWxD) 145mm x 451mm x 660mm (2-3 Channel: 6HE)

Measuring computer Multiprocessing system, CAN bus interlinking
Protective kind IP54 (Only front and top)
Digital inputs 16 x 24 V DC via optoelectronic coupler 
Digital outputs 16 x 24V DC/0,5A via optoelectronic coupler 
Analogous inputs 2 x 4-20mA, e.g., for temperature compensation
Data interfaces
  • 2x serial (RS232 or 20 mA), e.g., for printer and computer
  • NEW: 2x USB e.g. for printer and computer (option)
  • NEW: 1x ProfiNet e.g. for PLC or computer (option) 
  • Interbus, Profibus, Ethernet (option)
  • Serial data interface SDI, protocols 3964R, ASCII (option)
System lanuages Two system languages integrated (switchable), different available
Programming 100 measuring programs
  • 20 class histogram
  • Good-bad statistics
  • Evaluation and storage of the last 100 measured data (Min. and Max's values, Average, Standard deviation), QDAS binding
Air pressure supply

Min. 100kPa about the demanded nominal test pressure, oil-free, dry and filtered

The compressed air supply should follow for all test systems in DIN ISO8573-1, the following classification:

Particle class 2 (<= 5µm)
Water class 3 (pressure dew point -20°C)
Oil class 2 (<= 0,1mg/m3)

For pollution by liquids or solid particles in the pneumatic circuits and the resulting damage to the pneumatic components and damage the pneumatic components by applying an external pressure on the test item connection no warranty or liability is accepted. This also applies for any consequential damages in test or test parts.


Test pressure ranges Electronical regulator,
0-100kPa, 0-600kPa, 0-800kPa, 0-1000kPa, 0-(-90) kPa, others on request

Relative pressure procedure
Measuring system Relative pressure sensor, resolution depending on pressure range
Analysis method   Pressure drop/increase of pressure per time, volume flow per time, dynamic pressure, different unities adjustable  

Differential pressure procedure
Measuring system Differential pressure transmitter, resolution 0,1 Pa 
Analysis method  

Pressure drop/increase of pressure per time, volume flow per time, dynamic pressure, different unities adjustable

Mass flow procedure
Measuring system
  • Mass flow sensor 0-50Nccm/min, resolution 0,01 Nccm/min (other of inquiry)
  • Relative pressure transmitter 0-100kPa, resolution 25 Pa (other of inquiry)
Analysis method   Volume flow per time, Mass flow per time, different unities adjustable

  • Differential pressure method Overpressure
    Type designation: PMD02-AxD (x stands for the number of measuring channels)
  • Differential pressure method Vacuum
    Type designation: PMD02-BxD (x stands for the number of measuring channels)
  • Mass flow method Overpressure (Standard)
    Type designation: PMD02-CxF (x stands for the number of measuring channels)
    Buffer volume: from 800 to 6700 ccm in one buffer module; several buffer volumes possible
  • Mass flow method Vacuum (Standard)
    Type designation: PMD02-DxF (x stands for the number of measuring channels)
    Buffer volume: from 800 to 6700 ccm in one buffer module; several buffer volumes possible
  • Mass flow method Overpressure (Lite)
    Type designation: PMD02-CFL (only with one measuring channel and one buffer volume)
    Buffer volume: from 600 to max. 3600 ccm
  • Mass flow method Vacuum (Lite)
    Type designation: PMD02-DFL (only with one measuring channel and one buffer volume)
    Buffer volume: from 600 to max. 3600 ccm

  • Anew from V3.5E:
    Anew from V3.3N:

    • Without pressure measurement as an option on Diffpress (Differential pressure) also adjustable.

    Anew from V3.5C:
    Anew from V3.3L:

    • Waiting for follow-up program with a flashing start button
    • The master value will be subtracted even when switched temparture correction 
    • New measurement methods "replenishing pressure" and replenishing vacuum "

    Anew from V3.5B:
    Anew from V3.3K:

    • New SDI Protocols "request table" and "Reset Table"
    • Get back in the last menu before turning the key switch by pressing Enter

    Anew from V3.5A:

    • V3.5x from 16-bit resolution on all analog measurement channels
    • All function V3.3J

    Anew from V3.3J:

    • All devices can be addressed via SDI now both with their own serial number and also with "99999999".

    Anew from V3.3I:

    • Correction of minor errors in V3.3H

    Anew from V3.3H:

    • SDI-upload-Telegram for a part ID
    • Additional SDI result message with the current tolerances
    • Edition of the part ID in the protocol and curve data
    • Continuity Test
    • Relative pressure procedure

    Anew from V3.3D:

    • Transmit of error memory to PMD02-ANALYZE possible
    • Transmit or measurement memory (last 100 measurements) to PMD02-ANALYZE possible

    Anew from V3.3C:

    • Resolution for mass flow / differential pressure adjustable

    Anew from V3.3A:

    • Data backup by means of battery instead of accumulator
    • Running control of the battery voltage (look at data backup)
    • Test program chaining
    • Remote control by means of SDI telegrams also about Ethernet
    • Error memory of the last 20 error messages
    • Jump filter function
    • Freely programmable outputs
    • Setter's area
    • Dynamic pressure test
    • Internal load cycle counters
    • Pressure-free testing possible (pressure rise test)


    • Evaluation of the test results after leakage rate or pressure drop (only differential pressure and relative pressure)
    • Increase of pressure and pressure drop measurement possible
    • Different system units adjustable
    • Plaintext error messages
    • Plausibility control of various parameters
    • Integrated fair result memory (100 measurements) with average, standard deviation, Min./Max. values
    • Automatic repeat measurement
    • Automatic selftest after nn measurements
    • Relative pressure compensation possible (standardisation on test pressure)
    • Temperature compensation (option)
    • Monitoring of the start condition with differential pressure and dynamic pressure possible
    • Logging of all updates by means of date stamp and time stamp
    • Display of a test program-occupied list
    • Display of all system information like serial no., software version etc.
    • Different display modes selectable
    • Display of the measuring curves on the LC display
    • Printing of the measuring curves with the set zoom window
    • Work without pressure for test purposes (e.g., to the testing of the executions)
    • Comfortable menu guidance by means of soft keys
    • Special functions like start, stop, floods about direct buttons selectable
    • State and result display by means of LED lights

    With the leak detector PMD02 following example checks can be carried out manually and / or automatically:

    • all leakage tests with compressed air as the test medium
    • all leakage tests with vacuum as a test medium
    • Leak testing of metal parts such as Crankcase, cylinder heads, oil pans, gear boxes, motors and complete transmissions, pumps for water and oil, intake manifolds, exhaust system parts, exhaust gas catalysts, heating components, components of injection systems
    • Leak testing of plastic parts such as Plastic suction tubes, battery case, battery cooling systems, plastic containers (eg for cleaning water, cooler water, transport containers, etc.), plastic packaging
    • Leak testing of complete technical systems such as electronic devices for outdoor use, complete cooling-water areas at the vehicle, solar panels and equipment

    Optional accessories for working with the PMD02:

    1. Brochures and product information:

    2. Installation aids: