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Through detailed training our customers benefit from the extensive experience of APT in the field of leak and flow testing:

  • Basics about pressure / vacuum testing in production
  • Physical principles of the different test systems (PMD02, PMF01, ATL01)
  • Operation of leak testing devices series PMD02
  • Controls and functions of the leak testing devices series PMD02
  • Service work on leak test devices series PMD02
  • Use of software packages PMD02-DATA and PMD02-ANALYZE
  • Operation of Massflow devices series PMF01
  • Control and functions of Massflow devices series PMF01
  • Service work on the Massflow devices series PMF01
  • Use of software packages PMF01-DATA and PMF01-ANALYZE
  • Function using and control of automated test leak ATL01
  • Error analysis in leak / flow testing systems with APT testing devices
  • The Serial Data Interface SDI - function, use, interfaces
  • Remote control of equipment with ProfiNet - requirements and settings

Of course, training can be customized in case of special needs of our customers.