Massflow devices - Series PMF01

The flow measurement is used in different areas, Including, for example, leaks in hydraulic valves or the measurement via a fuel injector. In order to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or a liquid, flowmeters are used in industrial measurement technology for process optimization. Like all flowmeters, APT's PMF01 flow meter consists of two main components: sensor (transducer) and transmitter. The measuring transducer serves as a flow meter, which determines the physical or chemical properties (eg temperature) and can detect the material nature of its Environment. In the transmitter, the detected values are then converted into electrical signals for further processing and are played out. Possible fields of application for flowmeters are chemicals and petrochemicals, oil and gas, power generation, the pharmaceutical industry and paper production, as well as numerous other sector-specific applications.

Flow tester for precise analysis in Multi-channel test tasks

All over the world, APT PMF01 flow meters are used for the measurement and classification of air flows (leaks in the automatic production process). The flow meter is particularly convincing with a stable design and a high degree of flexibility. The multi-channel capability in combination with up to 32 available test programs also enables the implementation of individual Solutions. The basis for all tests is the mass-flow method. The measurement can be carried out under vacuum or overpressure. In addition, the PMF01 flowmeters are capable of simultaneously measuring larger inflow or outflow mass flows simultaneously at several test Points. Two RS232 interfaces are part of the standard equipment of these flowmeters. Other options include a computer connection via 3964R or ASCII. The integrated LC-display allows a graphical representation of the measurement curves of the individual channels for test purposes. Further advantages are the comfortable parameterization and uncomplicated analysis of the test tasks by means of software. The typical control tasks of the flow meter include the valve seat test on cylinder heads, the injection system test or an oil drilling check, for example on crankshafts.

The following specifications of the flow meter PMF01 are available:

  • One to eight test channels
  • Overpressure 50kPa, 400kPa, 800kPa, 1000kPa and vacuum (-> test air conditions
  • Remote controllable via signal interface (standard), SDI telegrams (-> more Info), ProfiNet and ProfiBus/Interbus (Options)
  • LC graphic display and foil front with status lamps, control buttons and key switch for operation
  • 32 Test programs can be stored in the device
  • Interfaces: two serial data interfaces RS232 for data communication, optional two USB interfaces (NEW), optional one ProfiNet interface (NEW)
  • Comfortable parameterization via SDI telegrams and the software PMF01-DATA
  • Comfortable analysis of test tasks using the software for flow testers (PMF01-ANALYZE

Areas of application for our flow meter

The flow measurement is used in different areas, Including, for example, leaks in hydraulic valves or the measurement via a fuel injector. The flow meter PMF01 is distinguished by its versatile functions. Thanks to its high flexibility, it easily solves various test procedures and can perform both manual and fully automatic tests. In addition to flow tests with the test medium compressed air, flow tests with vacuum as test medium are also possible. The APT flowmeter is used, among other things, for checking various metal parts - such as valve seats or oil ducts on engine components. In addition, the tightness of plastic parts can be tested.

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General data

19", 1-4 channels 4HE (HxWxD) 145mm x 451mm x 660mm (5-8 channels 7HE)  

Measuring computer Multiprocessing system, CAN bus interlinking  
Protective kind IP54 (Only front and top)
Digital inputs 16 x 24V DC; via optoelectronic coupler
Digital outputs 16 x 24V DC/0,5A; via optoelectronic coupler
Data interfaces 
  • 2x serial (RS232 or 20 mA loop), e.g., for printer and computer
  • NEW: 2x USB e.g. for printer and computer (option)
  • NEW: 1x ProfiNet e.g. for PLC or computer (option) 
  • Interbus, Profibus, Ethernet (option)
  • Serial data interface SDI, protocols 3964R, ASCII (option)
System languages Two system languages integrated (switchable), different available
Programming 32 measuring programs
  • 20 class histogramm
  • Good-bad statistics 
Air pressure supply 

Min 100kPa about the demanded nominal test pressure, oil-free, dry and filtered

The compressed air supply should follow for all test systems in DIN ISO8573-1, the following classification:

Particle class 2 (<= 5µm)
Water class 3 (pressure dew point -20°C)
Oil class 2 (<= 0,1mg/m3)

For pollution by liquids or solid particles in the pneumatic circuits and the resulting damage to the pneumatic components and damage the pneumatic components by applying an external pressure on the test item connection no warranty or liability is accepted. This also applies for any consequential damages in test or test parts.


Test pressure ranges Electronical or mechanical regulator possible,
0-50kPa, 0-400kPa, 0-800kPa, 0-1000kPa, 0-(-90)kPa, other on inquiry  

Mass flow procedure
Measuring system
  • Mass flow sensors from 0-10 Nccm/min to 0-100000 Nccm/min possibly (also merged)
  • Relative pressure sensor 0-(-90kPa) to 0-1000 kPa possibly (counts to all channels)
Analysis method  Volume flow per time, Mass flow per time, different units adjustable

Anew from V1.6A:

  • V1.6x from 16-bit resolution on all analog measurement channels
  • All function V1.4D

Anew from V1.4D:

  • New SDI Protocols "request table" and "Reset Table"
  • Get back in the last menu before turning the key switch by pressing Enter

Anew from V1.4C

  • Switchable Stop / Start function between interlinked test programs

Anew from V1.4B

  • Chaining of test programs, depending on the test results

Anew from V1.4A

  • Optional field manual or electronic pressure setting possible
  • Program linking possible
  • Complete Serial Data Interface SDI
  • Data interface for data management software PMF01-DATA

Anew from V1.3C

  • Different measuring ranges per channel
  • Pressure ranges from vacuum up to 2 MPa
  • Different resolutions for each channel
  • Data storage on battery instead of an accumulator
  • Ongoing monitoring of the battery voltage (see data storage)


  • Various system units selectable
  • Plain text error messages
  • Plausibility test of various parameters
  • Flow measurement of bores and test rooms (diameter control)
  • Flow ranges 20-100000 NCCM / min
  • 1-8 test channels
  • Relative pressure compensation can be activated (normalized to nominal pressure)
  • Show the curves on the LCD screen
  • Expression of the measured curves with the selected zoom window
  • Easy menu navigation using softkeys
  • Special functions such as start, stop, flow through hot keys selectable
  • Status and results display with LED lamps


The flow test PMF01 following example checks can be carried out manually and / or automatically:

  • All flow-through tests with compressed air as a test medium
  • All flow tests with vacuum as a test medium
  • Flow test on metal parts, e.g. Valve seats, oil passages of the engine components, oil passages to gearbox, cooling channels
  • Leak testing of plastic parts

Optional accessories for working with the PMF01:

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