Intelligent data box

The intelligent data box can be simply connected to our test instruments of the series PMD02 and PMF01 by means of the available serial interfaces. On this occasion, the original data are simply passed through a lock, so that they are available for wider applications (e.g., our analysis software) furthermore.

This data box, e.g., with applications is interesting where several test programs are processed successively. In this case only the data of the last check stop on the testing sets always. Now with this data box all batch totals or preresults can be also displayed. The box is built up robustly and is suited very well for the stationary cultivation in a test engine.

Optionally the box can be equipped with a data logger. In this case the inspection results of several days are saved on an additional flash card. At a later time these data with a PC and our analysis software can be read out.



General data   
Housing  Plastic
Measuring computer Fast micro controller
Protect kind IP65 
Interfaces  2 x RS232
Power supply 110-230V AC / 50-60 Hz
Programming With touchpanel and 1/4" - LC-Display
Other function
  • LC-Display for data viewing 
  • Using by Touchpanel
  • Optionally data logger
  • Data protocols from PMD02 and PMF01 are processed

The following features are included:

  • Flexible assignment of display lines to test programs 
  • Selection of different representations possible
  • Clear screen selectable by means of trigger-line
  • Optional store the data in the data logger operation


With the data box following tasks can be performed:

  • Remote display of results of leak test and flow test
  • Display of all collected results from follow-up audits
  • Display of program no., Identification, and evaluation result

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