Automatic valve boxes

The automatic valve box was designed for semi-or fully automatic small test procedures. In conjunction with an external control box and a leak test device series PMD02 or a flow test device series PMF01 that can be realized easily automated test sequences by using simple test devices.


  • Testing of oil-return valves for leaks and function in one step
  • Testing of water pump parts with two test rooms in one step
  • Implementation of simple manual and semi automatic test equipment with simple control tasks

Result, operating errors or faults in the examination of the parts avoided and ensures the quality of your products.

      Leak test device PMD02      +            +     
PMD02/PMF01                   Valve box                       Control box

=  Comfortable testing for simple applications



General data series VBOX  
Housing Plastic
Protect kind IP65 
Digital inputs   8 x 24V DC  (changes on request)
Digital outputs 10x 24V DC  (changes on request) 
Other function

Depending on the version

  • Selection and exhausting for e.g. 4 channels
  • Status of all channels
  • Connection of an external control box
  • Connection to PMD02 or PMF01
  • Remote control of connected devices
  • Special functions such as for example the control of pneumatic cylinders
  • Other versions on request
Power supply  24V DC from the devices of the series PMD02 or PMF01

Function of series VBOX

  • Implementation of simple test cycles 
  • Status of the functions 
  • Standard 4-channel version (others on request)
  • Works together with PMD02 or PMF01
  • Connection of external control boxes possible. All possible versions are supported.
  • Special procedures are implemented in consultation


With the automatic valve boxes can be realized easily manually and / or semi-automated tests in combination with the leak test devices PMD02 or mass flow devices PMF01.

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