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Function Data Interfaces

Sample with ProfiNet-Interface


For the existing device family PMD02 are now more communication interfaces available as an option.

1. Communication interface Basic

With this variant, it is Possible to switch the standard interfaces RS232 (Serial 1 and Serial 2) on CORRESPONDING USB ports (USB1 and USB2). Switching is done via the device-operating front in the system parameter. A serial data cable is No Longer Necessary in this case. The connection is via a standard USB cable with plug type A to plug type A. ProfiNet

2. Communication interface ProfiNet

This variant includes the Communication Interface Basic. In addition, there is The Possibility to communicate with a PLC or a computer to select a PROFINET interface in the SDI options. For this interface a Profinet module is integrated into the device.

All interfaces are in addition to the standard interfaces on the rear of the units available. A conversion of inventory devices is only Possible by Exchanging the complete electronics module.

In addition to the integrated interfaces is therefore to external ProfiNet module available. This is simply connected to the serial port SERIAL 1. Then Carried about SDI Communication Connection to the PROFINET. This variant is Intended for conversion or retrofitting in existing systems.

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