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Execution of the pneumatic connections

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When making the pneumatic connections for the leak test leads to a few rules:

  • All entries must be glued with sealing adhesive (eg Loctite). Sealing tape or sealing hemp lead to unpredictable leaks.
  • It must not be used Quick-plug connections (eg Festo) because these connections are not long-term stable sealing. Small movements of the tubes in the connectors can result in leaks. 
  • It may only come with screw nuts and corresponding clamping technique used. Here, the glands must not be tightened so that the tube is damaged. This also leads to long-term leakage.
  • It may come only solid pneumatic tubes are used. Flexible tubes will change the interior volume. This leads to incorrect measurements.

Most errors in leak test and flow test systems lie in the field of sealing and tubing. Here must therefore be worked with special care.